mix tapes – the cranberries

In third grade, we moved to Manila from our little city perched on the mountain.  It was the middle of summer and I had never realized how hot a city could be before. As an added insult to injury, my sisters and I somehow managed to contract lice at the same time. After a couple of Kwell … Continue reading mix tapes – the cranberries

Manila, Cataloged (Part One)

Bars There are so many of them. In your hometown, you only ever went to six and that was when you were flush. You rotated them depending on your mood, the day of the week, how much gasoline you had or what kind of cheeseburger you were craving. Manila bars are flavored with the different cities and … Continue reading Manila, Cataloged (Part One)

Odd Encounters 3

I'm drinking dark beer, the kind that's full of dark things, like caramel, or the souls of Belgian brewers. The girl behind the bar looks like Kirsten Stewart, but she's clean, pretty, mohawked, irritable. The bar (which is really a converted house) is noisy. Too much chatter, a girl in high boots singing to herself, … Continue reading Odd Encounters 3