1/365 – New Year

The shadows in the garden make monster shapes so he growls in his throat moon waning into nothing. “I’m up to no good,” the girl says, but her mouth bends into a smile a flicker in the dark, the white edge of sharp teeth in shadow, it resembles challenge. Everybody lights up the joint and they … Continue reading 1/365 – New Year

September (a few months too late)

September gives you that that odd feeling that you’re not enough for other people there are chunks of you missing in places. the small muscle of your forearm, the retina in your eye, the veins leading to your heart. are these the things they ask of you? you keep having nightmares where your teeth turn into … Continue reading September (a few months too late)

Manila, Cataloged (Part One)

Bars There are so many of them. In your hometown, you only ever went to six and that was when you were flush. You rotated them depending on your mood, the day of the week, how much gasoline you had or what kind of cheeseburger you were craving. Manila bars are flavored with the different cities and … Continue reading Manila, Cataloged (Part One)