Who are you?

A meat popsicle.

My name is RM. I work in public health and social media. This is my personal and writing blog, and I sometimes write reviews on it, because I run out of things to write about.

What gives you the right to review films/shows/books/! Are you a critic?

Well, no rights really. I have a background in Comms, and I’m actually better suited for advertising and non-verbal communications, oral performances. I like films and TV and I like to share my thoughts.

Honestly though, it was more out of a sense of frustration because I couldn’t find of reviews for some movies or shows on Netflix during my pregnancy and a) being really really frustrated about that and b) having loads of free time on my hands.

What about books?

I love books, and I like to read more than I like to watch TV, and I like to think I have good taste for a variety of genres. I also read over 100 books a year. Not a humble brag. I think as of June 2019, I’ve read over 60 book not counting rereads, and not counting those days I stared at the ceiling, depressed af.

Are you the Date a Girl Who Reads girl?


Do you still read?

Yes, I read in fits and starts, and enormous quantities, except when I’m depressed.

Why don’t you have a Goodreads account?

I would rather be reading.

What is your favorite book of all time?