I felt so bad about the new Mummy movie I had to tell you about it.

For the record, The Mummy (1999) and its sequel, The Mummy Returns (2001) are two of my absolute favorite movies of all time. I even love the Scorpion King, guys. The Scorpion King. These movies were the perfect combination of flash, flair and funny. To be fair, part of it was because I really wanted to be … Continue reading I felt so bad about the new Mummy movie I had to tell you about it.

Dream Journal – 1

Someone's knocking, but I'm not afraid to answer the door. There's a tea party in a garden, and I put my cloak on with a flourish, swirling it out. The fabric gleams. It's sunny outside, and I think my grandfather is nearby. The party feels lively, but old-fashioned. There's a record player, and a frosted … Continue reading Dream Journal – 1

mix tapes – the cranberries

In third grade, we moved to Manila from our little city perched on the mountain.  It was the middle of summer and I had never realized how hot a city could be before. As an added insult to injury, my sisters and I somehow managed to contract lice at the same time. After a couple of Kwell … Continue reading mix tapes – the cranberries

What I Want Right Now

A falafel from Beni's. Scarypet once gave me a hot, paper-wrapped falafel out of a bag like I won a prize. Did I ever! I felt like I ran this food race and crossed the finish line while still chewing. Super spicy sauce + perfectly chickpeas with just the right everything even after 15 or so minutes in someone's … Continue reading What I Want Right Now