What I Want Right Now

  • A falafel from Beni’s. Scarypet once gave me a hot, paper-wrapped falafel out of a bag like I won a prize. Did I ever! I felt like I ran this food race and crossed the finish line while still chewing. Super spicy sauce + perfectly chickpeas with just the right everything even after 15 or so minutes in someone’s backpack. So good.
  • A lengua (read: ox tongue) taco from El Chupacabra. It’s rarely available (their carne asada is nothing to scoff at either) but when it is you stand on a smoky street for a bit with your friends, drink a beer, eat a taco and think, yes life is good, and thank God for really good Mexican food. Lengua and I are good friends as long as I don’t have to prepare it. While we’re on the subject of lengua, My Kitchen’s  lengua risotto is a dream. It’s really really rich, so share.
  • A whisky sour from Lit. At P450 (US9.10) it’s a bit of a withdrawal from Gringotts, but it’s a huge glass and absolutely perfect, especially if you have Taro chips on the side. An average drinker would probably need two for maximum buzz.
  • Girls by Emma Cline – I rarely trust reviews and am naturally suspicious of new authors, but the sneak peek I read on Amazon is arresting. I’m still thinking about it, and I haven’t even bought the book yet.(Look, something on my list that isn’t food)!
  • A pair of ballerina shoes, or flat shoes. I just destroyed my latest pair. They were so comfortable that I kept wearing them and now they’re dead and I wish I could afford a high-end Chanel pair but I can’t, so there’s that.
  • A really really good beer. I take recommendations.
  • A Midoro Traveller’s Notebook. I’m not sold on how slim it is, but the leather cover and custom paper options have me drooling. My current handwritten journal is ending (meaning it’s got a few pages left near the end so now I can justify purchasing a brand new journal and am now going through the selection process). For the record, I love lined Moleskine notebooks. I like the unlined ones too, it’s just my handwriting is horrid.
  • A swim. A nice long one where you don’t particular do anything except flounder around.

I used to make lists like this on the back of my journal/notebook/detritus thought keeper. In high school, it always used to be albums I really wanted! Because music was so expensive, and going to Tower Records (!) would cost me two weeks worth of my allowance. I feel like we have come far in the world and that streaming is a gift to audiophiles like me.That’s all.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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