Doorways and Inanities

Yesterday KH and I were talking by a doorway. No, actually, we were in the actual doorway, chatting about whatever like no one was going to pass through. We were in a hospital. Like true blue Filipinos, standing in doorways like no one ever has to pass through. I was so ashamed.

This is a shoutout to all ya’ll who:

a) Get on the LRT and stand right in the doorway even if you get off 25 stops away. Bonus points if you’ve got a little extra height or weight wise. Bonus points if you don’t bother to move when people need to get out, so they’re forced to elbow you and hold their bags over their heads.

Extra credit if you like to cluster at the doorway even if the aisles are completely people-free!

b) Stand directly in front of elevator doors when they open, and then stare at people when they try to get out. Belligerence is the new black.

c) Stop in the middle of stairways to text, so that people can break around you like water breaking around the tide. Like just come to a complete standstill. People should have hazard lights.

d) Have massive family gatherings in front of escalators. Hugs and kisses, can I push you off this floor, thanks.

e) Stand in restaurant entrances and peer up at the sign, asking, is this it? Where are we? What are we doing here? 

Seriously, we should know better than that.

be irrelevant!

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