This year

As always, I begin every year with the pledge to write more about things that matter to me, even if I feel that they don’t matter to others

Planner and black ink
This is what happens when you give writers planners — they just think of them as extra notebooks

I will take more photographs that are not selfies, or dogs 

My labrador Mai
But I find dogs to be the best of subjects

This year I plan to conquer mountains — in a literal sense, although the prospect sometimes terrifies me. I imagine only the cold, and not the stark black rock above the treeline or the pleasant burn in your muscles that comes from walking for hours.

I guess this is why people love the concept of the newness of the year — it’s the possibility of wiping the slate down and looking forward to being someone new. I don’t want to become new though. Just more.



be irrelevant!

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