Random Manila


Last night I found myself in the middle of an argument about Jamie Lannister. We were standing in the middle of the street, in an abandoned expo area. I kept watching the way the light spilled out. We’re very passionate about our passions, oh the fandoms.

Inside, they were playing another card game that wasn’t Magic the Gathering, but was made by the guy who made Magic. I can’t seem to find it on Google! Any clues?

I also randomly encountered two old friends and made a new one. It was a good night, even if I ended up waking at 10 with a massive hangover and a vague sense that I should curse the gods of drink. As if I had nothing to do with the tequila and beer I had last night.


Earlier in the day, we visited a friend who kindly let us into his home to look at old maps of the Philippines made in the 1930s. I wish I took more pictures, but I felt kind of ashamed, photographing someone else’s home.

He pointed one out. “This is the estuary, I don’t know if it’s there anymore.”

wpid-2013-08-01-15.07.15.jpg wpid-2013-08-01-15.07.28.jpg

He also said, almost wistfully. “I have another map. It’s very old. 1910. It’s the forest cover of the Philippines.”

I drank cold clear water and felt very sad when he said that. Mostly because our forests have been decimated. We don’t do a good job of taking care of the environment at all.

I also learned that the reason star sapphires are named so is because of the peculiar, beautiful way they refract light. Manila is just so random.


Tonight, I’ll be attending a screening of a Cinemalaya entry with my best friend.  This year’s entries are lovely, but Transit stands out. A few of my film buff friends have been pretty vocal about how good the movie is!

I’ve posted the trailer below for you:

I’ll also plug Zig Dulay’s movie, which I also plan to watch:

To balance the indie, I also watched Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo, a romantic comedy that I found myself enjoying immensely. The fact that my best friend was part of the creative team behind it has nothing to do with it.


Enjoy your weekend!



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