Looking at home, from here

Some months it’s hard to write not because I cannot, but because I feel drained at the end of the day. 

I write this from the corner of a tiny apartment in the hottest city in the world, famously referred to as the Gates of Hell. To make myself happy, I show you photographs of my hometown and my home. The city I love. I’ve been away for a month and I feel sucker punched. Homesickness is a punch to the gut. Manila makes me feel like I want different things, that other people don’t want.


I miss the sound of the bamboo. The wind literally runs its fingers through bamboo, and you can feel it shiver on those long windy days.


The trees. This city has no trees. They exist like afterthoughts, or discoveries. Carefully cultivated into parks. Sequestered. 


The mountains

It’s the mountains and the city, and the never ending rain. 



Thank you Yas for the idea. 


6 thoughts on “Looking at home, from here

  1. I miss Baguio too, though I’ve only been there once. For one thing, it’s colder. Then there’s the air, the trees, and the VW Beetles.

    1. Yes, that refreshing delicious weather is one big draw. Too bad we have a terrible mayor who puts business ahead of trees. 😦 But that’s another story!

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