for ka
the you and I, beloved.
my guns rust
I wait to spend the end of days with you.

The world moves on.
We hear the horns.
Dust and paths all lead to you.

I forget the faces of my lovers
My children’s cries — those ever will I have

We wander the wastelands

Let us palaver

The world moves on

Let us palaver
at the end of, let the Tower crumble and
with its fall rend asunder the world
rend us

rend the world

rend us.


For now, draw the water
Share the tet
Holster your guns
Let us dream of death.

-October 2012

This poem was and is still inspired by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, which I first started reading as an 11-year old and regret finishing. (With my mother’s full knowledge, she edited what I read by stapling the parts that were not appropriate together). The world, however, stays with me. Though I believe The Talisman is his best work.

Here are some definitions for the uninitiated:

Palaver – long and idle discussion; used also in the context of parley (peace talks, truce) 

Ka – Destiny or fate, referenced frequently in the book by the lead character as both an explanation and cause of events 

Tet -ka-tet, a group of people bound together by fate 

be irrelevant!

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