The storm curls lazily over Manila and here I sent a quick prayer to the entities to keep people safe and make this storm a gentle one.

But in the mean time, when down and when contemplating alcoholism, remember to:

Inoculatte: to imbibe caffeine intravenously

Draw mermaids the way Manix does. Not like Manix, because that would make Manix a mermaid.

Get published as a Master of the Universe.

Or, the shiny shiny giant book he got through mail.
Photo by Katrina Nolasco

Ride 15 in one big car through flood and hell and high water for more BEER.

Flirt with beautiful women. Mostly accidentally.

The next day, sheepishly call your boyfriend to tell him you flirted with a beautiful woman. He laughs hard at you.

Read poetry.

Buy books.

Drink till you are cross-eyed.

Then come home.

be irrelevant!

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