Brand new and squeaky clean

I feel like rubbing my hands together in villainous glee. I also feel like letting out a trademark halakhak.* Having a brand-new blog is like having a brand new notebook. I tend to run my hands over the front page of the notebook and sniff it and generally do things with them that are best left unsaid. Then, I write the year on the notebook and press on. (I will add though that I have about 10 notebooks that I have never used because they have beautiful designs, the perfect width of line and acid free paper. I store them and take them out once in a while to ogle them).

With blogs, it’s different. I do not want to run my hands over my screen but I do want to change my theme every five seconds.

But blogs are different because this time to leave your brand new notebook for people to read. Like deliberately leaving high school poetry on a park bench, hoping someone will pick it up. I’d totally do that. I’d also totally be hiding behind the nearest tree, waiting for someone to actually pick the thing up. I’d be egging them on, come on, just read it already.

I would be totally unprepared if they dumped in the trash, which, rightfully is where most of my high school poetry belongs. I’d bitch face and then be all sad and stuff. Then I’d sneak out from behind the tree and dig through to find the old notebook again.  I might even repeat the experiment, just to be sure. Maybe the first person was a dud. A non poetry reading heathen!

So I’d leave the notebook on the bench again, this time open to a poem I’m sure would satisfy the literary-minded and sneak back behind the tree as best as one can sneak.

*really loud, high pitched, inappropriate laughter. Often the trademark laugh of witches and really old, nosy ladies

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